Most of us eat at least three times a day (and some of us eat a lot more than that!). That's lots of opportunity to fill our bodies with the energy, proteins, essential fats, vitamins, minerals and good bacteria that we need to function properly. To live, love, grow and think. To fill our bodies with food that not only nourishes us, but food that nourishes our people. Our friends. Our families. Food that strengthens our communities. Food that supports, sustains and regenerates this land we rely on so heavily to grow this wonderful food.

Lets face it :: food is LIFE and LIFE is food so lets DIG it!


> Grow your own :: Herbs on balconies or veggies in gardens. connect with a local community garden or volunteers with a school garden. Putting our hands in the soil is not only good for our tummies but good for our minds!

> Know your farmer :: Support local farmers markets, community supported agriculture schemes or local food swaps. By supporting local we’re investing in and strengthening our community. Lets keep those food miles down!

> Value good food :: According to a study published by the CSIRO 2017 :: 4 out of 5 Australians are not eating the recommended two fruits and five serves of vegetables a day. Lets nourish our tummies, our hearts and our minds with good food.

> Feed the soil that feeds you :: Compost your food scraps via a compost pile, worm farm or bokashi bin. Did you know there are more organisms in a handful of soil than there are peeps on the planet earth. As growers and eaters, our soil and the ecosystem within is our greatest asset. Lets look after it!

> Be a conversation maker :: Wear a cool tee. Talk to your kids or your friends' kids about where food comes from. Introduce a friend to a farmers market or buy your brother a subscription to a local CSA for Christmas. Small steps, but we have to start somewhere.