farmer Erin

Erin grew up in Albury. Her childhood holidays were mostly spent on her grandparents farm, playing in the red clay channels, feeding orphan lambs and being chief gate opener. After her schooling she studied at university and travelled Australia, working in healthcare, before returning to her roots to find her place in a more holistic form of healthcare, regenerative farming. She has spent time working on different small scale, diverse, agricultural farms, and has now heeded the pull to return to her home community and follow her passion of growing Real And Delicious food.

Erin's favourite fruit is watermelon - straight from the vine, cracked open and eaten on the spot. 

the Soil

The farmer tends to the soil and the soil grows the food.

The soil makes up the foundations on which we farm. It is home to trillions of micro-organisisms, living in unison to feed our plant the nutrients it requires to grow nutritious fruit and to protect the plant from pest or disease. The soil remains the central focus for many of our farming techniques.

mr Cow

These fellas are the leaders of our fertilization and pasture mowing team. They spend their days grazing through our paddocks, eating and manuring as they go. They pave the way for our BungowannahBabes.


Our pasture raised, truly free range, nomadic chooks are moved every couple of days, following the cows, spreading their manure and adding fertiliser of their own. They feed from bugs and grubs, fresh pasture, foraged seed and veggie leftovers from the market garden, and reward us with Real And Delicious eggs!