Our veggie boxes are a celebration of seasonal food. All the veggies you receive in your boxes are grown by us using chemical free, regenerative farming practices on our small plot of land in Bungowannah.


Farming along side mother nature can be tricky at times. Subscribers create a relationship of mutual support and commitment between us as growers and you as members of our farm-ily. As partners in the farming endeavor our farm-ily share the risk and rewards inherent with living closer to nature!

In return for your subscription, which helps your farmers cover the production costs needed to grow the healthiest, highest quality produce possible, you will receive a weekly share of delicious, chemical free, nutrient dense vegetables straight from our patch.

Through regular newsletters, recipe suggestions, farm visits and frequent farm photos, your have the chance to enter into a relationship with your food - where it comes from, who is growing it and the experience it the journey from seed to harvest. We feel it is a truly mutually beneficial relationship so that together we can live more productive and healthier lives and feel connected to the piece of dirt that nourishes us all. Together we are investing in the future… one that we believe in!



A 'share' is a commitment. Farming along side mother nature can be tricky. Every season is different and every year some things will do better than others. Subscribing to our season means you become partners in this farming endeavor - both our RADeaters and farmers 'share' the risk and rewards with living closely with nature. This relationship puts less emphasis on the $$$ value of the produce and more on the seasonality of food. If a heavy rain in summer splits the tomatoes, chances are the salad greens will go gang busters, or an unexpected cold snap might slow the fruiting of some crops, others will be sweetened. While sometimes there might less of one thing, it generally means they're will be more of another. Sometimes, the harvest is cranking and there is more of everything and this is the true beauty of seasonal eating!


Season length

Summer :: 10 weeks from mid November through to January

Autumn :: 13 weeks from January through to April

Winter :: 13 weeks from May through to July

Spring :: 10 weeks from August through to mid October


Share options

We are offering three awesome full share options:

  • "Mini Veggie Lover" // 5 - 6 items // feeds 1-2 moderate veggies eaters most nights of the week // subscription = $30/wk // casual = $35/week

  • "Veggie Lover" // 8 - 10 items // feeds 2-4 moderate veggies eaters most nights of the week // subscription = $45/wk // casual = $50/week

  • " Crazy Veggie Lover" // 10 - 14 items // feeds 4-6 moderate veggie eaters most nights of the week // subscription = $70/wk // casual = $75/week

  • " Casual" // Until our seasonal subscriptions fill we offer an option to buy a casual veggie box of either of the above sizes. We understand that for many people eating seasonally is new. A little scary. This give you the opportunity to dip your toe in. It's an opportunity to get hooked. Once you see the light, the flavours, the connection, how warm the water is - and then you can take the plunge and subscribe!



Our 'shares' are an amazing value! Share values work out to a roughly 20% discount off of our retail prices, over the course of a full season. We do this because we value your choice to support the farm early in the season, before you eat a single vegetable: your early payment allows us to buy seed, fertilizer, and other supplies to kick off the growing season. We couldn't get going in the spring without you! Your share value will always be slightly higher than the weekly cost of the share, and many weeks (especially in summer) it will be far far more valuable than your weekly share cost.



If you have any dietary requirements of you grow abit of veg your self and worries you might double up on seasonal veg we offer a swap box each week. Foirst in fort serve, you can swap an item our of your box and another for the box back into your bag! Customization in its simplest form, but its first in first serve!



ALBURY // Veggie Boxes will be delivered Monday afternoons (or Tuesdays in the case of long weekends) from 330-530pm to the cnr East and Schubach St starting on the 5th of December.

BEECHWORTH // Veggie Boxes will be delivered by courier Monday afternoons from 6pm to the Tanswells Hotel. The courier fee is an additional $2.5 per share per week. If you's like to add to the load send us an email :: radgrowers@gmail.com !



What an awesome gift for a friend or family member to pick up in your absence! Just let us know so that we'll be sure to expect a new face at pick up. Can’t think of a friend of family member who would treasure the veg like you do? We’ve partnered with Mercy Connect, a local care provider for people with psychiatric disabilities. If you would like to donate your veg to one of the mercy connect clients please give us 24 hours notice and we’ll make the orangments.