WE ARE 1ST GENERATION FARM in bungowannah, growing real and delicious produce for our local community using organic & ecological growing practices.



We grow real food. Food grown from soil. Soil which has been nurtured by cover crops, fed with compost and supported by crop rotations. This same soil plays host to millions of living organisms, which live in unison to ensure this soil can feed our plants, making them strong, and filling their fruits with all the nutrients a balanced diet should contain.

We don't believe in any one super food… rather we think growing this way ensures all our produce is super!

We don't use any synthetic fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides, but we’re not ‘certified organic’. Rather we aim to close the loop from food production to food consumption by being transparent, open and honest about our growing practices. We make composts from local supermarket and cafe waste and manures from local farms. Our chooks spend their days foraging for insects and bugs, and their diet is supplemented by grain from local farmers. We believe that it is this conversation and openness between farmer and consumer which is the best judge of our RADfood.



We grow for taste. We study seed catalogues, and chat to old farmers and backyard growers about different varieties to try. We are endlessly fascinated by the beautiful shapes and colors and tastes of heirloom and less common vegetable varieties. We hope our produce will inspire new gastronomic adventures for all in the household to enjoy.

Our veggie boxes are a celebration of seasonal food. Harvested fresh from the garden there is not substitute for a vine ripened tomato or in Winter a frost sweetened carrot.

REAL AND DELICIOUS :: just as nature intended.




- ALBURY :: Monday arvo's 330 - 530 cnr East & Schubach St ::